Why upgrade from a free trial to a full account?

The purpose of the 15-day free 3dcart trial is to let you familiarize yourself with the 3dcart interface and how you would use it to create and manage your online store. While the trial version has many of the features built in, there are some functions that will only work on a full account.

With the 15-day trial, you will have access to all aspects of the software except for the following:

  • FTP Access
    There is no FTP Access to the trial/demo stores.

    • To upload image files to your store, you will need to use the built-in file manager
    • To edit HTML templates, you will need to use the template editor from within the Online Store Manager
      (Edits will only be possible for main HTML templates and CSS. Editing included javascript files will require FTP)
  • Taking Live Orders
    Since it is only a demo version of the software, live orders cannot be processed.
    As an administrator of the cart however, you can create your own test orders to see the process at work.
  • Email Notifications
    A regular store will generate several email notifications including order confirmations, stock notifications, etc. A trial/demo store does not send any email notifications at all.
  • Setting up Payment Gateways
    Many payment gateways require a callback URL for full integration and this is not possible on a trial version
  • API
    Access to the store’s database via API is not available on a trial version. You will need a full account to use API.
  • Add-Ons
    Many add on services and integrations rely on API connections to the store or otherwise require scheduled scripting in order to function correctly. Therefore, these services will not be possible on a trial version. These include:

    • Doba Connector (requires API)
    • Quickbooks Connector (uses API)
    • eBay Plugin (requires scheduled scripting)
    • Amazon Order Importing (requires scheduled scripting)
    • POS App (Requires API access)
    • Shipping Label Manager (Requires API access)
    • WordPress Plugin (Requires API and live URL)
  • HTTPS Access
    There is no SSL or HTTPS access on trial stores at all
  • Custom Domain
    Forwarding a custom domain name or changing DNS on a trial store is only possible with a full store.
  • 24×7 Technical Support via Chat, Email and Phone
    Technical Support on trial versions is limited while full, 24/7 support is reserved for full fledged accounts only.

Therefore, to use any of the above functions, you will need to upgrade from free trial to full account. Contact your sales person today to get started!

And don’t forget; once you’ve completed your 15-day trial – should you decide to go to a full account – we can transfer the work you’ve done in the trial store over to your new one!


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