Why am I getting “The ShipWorks module was unable to connect to database” error?

Some users of ShipWorks version 3.0+ have noticed that there is an error produced when updating the order status online.

The error seems to occur mostly when updating the order’s tracking number directly from one of the various shipping carriers set up within the ShipWorks program itself. In some cases the error actually prevents the online order status from updating altogether.

The error itself looks similar to the following image:

To correct this error and successfully update your orders, please use the following steps.

From your ShipWorks program:

  1. Go to the “Manage” menu
  2. Click on “Actions”

You should see an Order Action listed in the “Action Manager” that is labeled “Online Update” or something similar.

  1. Select this Action and click “Edit”

The “Online Update” Action will contain two separate tasks. The first task is intended to upload the details of the shipment to your 3dcart store, while the second task is set to simply update the order with the tracking number information.to the order.

The 3dcart/Shipworks integration does not currently support the upload action task and therefore should be removed from this Online Update aciton

  1. Click the red “X” located to the right of task 1. (“Upload shipment details”)
  2. Click OK at the bottom of the window

Your Shipworks 3.0 software is now set up to correctly update the order tracking informaiton and status on your 3dcart store.