Where’s the File Manager?

File Manager

Previously, the store’s File Manager — the place where you could upload and manage your store’s images — was found at the top of the interface in the top navigation bar.

Now, it is found by going to Products ->Images

The functionality of the File Manager has remained relatively the same, with a few notable differences.

First there’s a button located towards the top right that will let you switch between a graph view for the images or a list view.

If using the graph view, you’ll have a few functional effects.

  • Hovering over the images will show you the image name.
  • Clicking on the image will give you image information as well as rename and delete options

If using the list view, the display will be closer to the view in the old admin with the rename and delete options found towards the right of each image.

Switching between and creating Folders in the new Image File Manager will be done in the “Select Folder” drop down found along the top of the page.