Where do I find [insert feature name] in the v7 Admin?!?

I’m used to the old Admin… Where the [bleep] do I find [insert feature]?!?

For the most part, we kept the location of functions and features in the same areas in both versions of the 3dcart Online Store Manager. However, as we were designing the new interface, we realized that some functions didn’t really make sense in their old locations. (Avalara Tax Settings inside the “Order Management” plugins, for example.) Therefore, some things were rearranged to make a little more sense.

Furthermore, some of the names used in certain areas were updated to be clearer and less confusing. For instance, the “Close Store” section – where you could temporarily set the store to an under construction status – is now called “Store Status”

Then in other cases, we streamlined the number of menus that you had to navigate to to get to certain areas. For example, instead of separate sections for Offline and Online Payment methods, the new admin has just one section where you can manage both!

Use the links below to view specific situations where there have been notable changes from the previous Online Store Manager.