Where are the Modules now?


Another portion of the new admin that has seen some extensive updating is the Store Modules section. Previously, this section was used to configure several optional features of the 3dcart interface including the Affiliate Program, Wish Lists, Gift Registry and more. In the previous incarnation of the Online Store Manager, the modules could be accessed by going to Settings ->General ->Store Modules

In the New Admin, the modules section is still used to configure optional features. However, rather than being buried away in the settings menu, Modules is now its own menu on the left hand navigation menu.

Furthermore, the Modules section now is used to house all 3dcart functions – including integrated 3rd party plugins which used to be housed in the Plugins menu (in the old admin).

Because of the additional modules added to this page, the page now contains a useful search bar located at the top that will help you instantly find the module you’re looking for.

Simply start typing the name of the module you’d like to configure, and the page will take you directly to it!