What is the “Max Box Weight (Lbs)” setting under Shipping Settings used for?

In your 3dcart Online Store Manager, you will find a series of shipping configuration settings by going to Settings ->Shipping and clicking on the “Enter Settings” button under “Shipping Settings.” Once you arrive to the page, click on the + icon next to Shipping Settings to see the various options available to you.

Within this list, you will see a number field titled “Max Box Weight (Lbs).”

When using your 3dcart store’s real time shipping calculation quotes from the carrier, this field will determine the maximum weight contained in each box before requesting a quote for multiple boxes. For example, some carriers may limit their maximum shipping weight as 75lbs, which means an order that weighs 1 to 74lbs will factor a shipping quote for one box, whereas a 100lb order will need to be quoted for two boxes.

By default, this setting will be set to the number 75. However your specific carrier may allow for larger shipment weights, so you should check with your carrier’s limits and set this field accordingly.