What is the Activity Log section on my orders used for?

When viewing order details, you will notice an area labeled “Activity Log” which is located just above the order comments section. This Activity Log will display some of the various “order flags” which are appended to your orders during certain automations and functions like the following:

  • ShipWorks Order Download
  • Scheduled Email Scripts (follow-up emails)
  • API webhook notificaitons

The Activity Log will be located within the order’s Payment Information Tab, directly below the “Transactions” section.

Each listing will contain a time stamp, the activity’s label/type and a link that allows you to delete the log.

Why would I delete the activity log?

In some cases, you may have an instance where a particular order process doesn’t complete as expected; but still leaves an activity log. For example, while downloading orders into ShipWorks, you may have one order that doesn’t necessarily download like other orders and never makes it into the ShipWorks program. The activity log is still present on the order however, so subsequent download attempts “skip” over it. In a case like this, deleting the activity log will clear the order flag and allow the order to be reset for possible download.