What is SSL?

When accepting online transactions, your store will switch over to its secure URL which uses the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) protocol to encrypt data as it is being transmitted. When switching over to SSL, browser programs will request an SSL certificate in order to ensure to their viewers (a.k.a. – the site visitor), that the site is secure. Browsers will request the SSL certificate and report on its validity, its expiration, and finally that the domain name it is registered to matches the domain name used on the site that is being viewed.

All 3dcart stores come with a shared SSL certificate as part of the base offering. A shared SSL certificate provides the same security during checkout as a dedicated certificate, but the domain name will change during checkout to something like:


If you would like to purchase your own dedicated SSL certificate, please visit our SSL certificate pages at the following URL:

SSL certificates purchased through 3dcart are provided through a third-party SSL provider (see page for details). If you would like to purchase an SSL from a different provider, please submit a support request with your Company Name, City, and State, so that a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), can be created for you.