What do I need to set up Checkout by Amazon?

The following checklist is a basic outline of what you’ll need to integrate your 3dcart store with Checkout by Amazon (CBA). Click on a link below to review that topic.

A Checkout by Amazon account
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If you do not yet have an account, you can sign up for one by clicking here.

A Checkout by Amazon Merchant ID
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To retrieve your CBA Merchant ID, sign into your Amazon Seller Central go to Settings =>Checkout Pipeline Settings

You may need to first select the option labeled “Checkout by Amazon (Production View)” from the drop down menu located to the immediate left of the search box.
(look towards the top right of the page)

A Checkout by Amazon Access Key & Secret Key
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To retrieve these two keys, Sign into your Amazon Seller Central account and go to Integration =>MWS Access Key

An Amazon Marketplace ID
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While logged into your Amazon Seller Central, go to https://developer.amazonservices.com and sign up for Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS)

An Amazon Marketplace AWS Access Key ID & Secret Key
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During Sign up, choose “I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS” and click next.

You will be prompted to accept the provided License Agreement. Once checked, click next and you will be given your credentials.

Please note

If your Amazon Seller Central screens look different than these screenshots, please be sure to select “Your Checkout Website” from the drop down menu upon logging into your Amazon Services “Seller Central” account.

Once you have your credentials in place and written down, please proceed to our next article (located here) which will detail where these credentials will be placed on your 3dcart store