What do I do when my SmarterMail Mailbox is Full?

If you are not able to send or receive emails in your SmarterMail account, and you are receiving errors such as ‘The domain size limit has been exceeded,’ ‘Email has exceeded the 10MB Limit,’ or ‘This mailbox is full,’ it means your email account has exceeded the space limit allotted and you will need to clear out your messages to free up your account. This tutorial will show you how to delete all of your messages properly so you can begin to send and receive emails again.

Generate a Report

The first step to clearing your messages is to run a report to see which users on the account are using up the most space. To run a report for all users, you will need to login to your SmarterMail account under the Admin user. If you are not logged in as the Administrator, you will not be able to run the report for all users on the account.

To run a report, in the SmarterMail email console:

  1. Click on the Reports button
  2. Expand the Domain Summary Reports section on the left menu
  3. Expand the Traffic Reports section on the left menu
  4. Click on the Disk Usage Report

  1. Take note of which accounts are using the most space for emails. The report will look similar to this:

Delete Emails

After you have generated a report to see which users are using the most space, you will the login to EACH user account and delete your unused emails.

To delete emails:

  1. Login to the SmarterMail email console.
  2. Click on Email, then Inbox on the left menu.
  3. Check the checkbox next to all emails you do not need.
  4. Mouse over the Delete button and click Delete

  1. Go to your Sent Items folder (if you have one), and delete those items as well.
  2. Finally, go to your Deleted Items folder and check the checkbox next to all emails. The space will not free up until you have removed the emails from the Deleted Items folder.
  3. Mouse over the Delete button and click Delete.
  4. Repeat this process for as many users as you have in the SmarterMail account