What are the General Settings for the POS App?

General Settings

Under General Settings, you can configure several options for the POS App’s general functionality. Within this section, you have access to the following:

  • Store Name
    This is used for the receipts generated from your POS App and – by default – populated with information taken directly from your 3dcart Store during the initial connection. However, you have the ability to change it as needed, in case your point of sale business name is different than the 3dcart store’s company name.
  • Auto-Lock
    This setting allows you to set an Auto-Lock function to the POS App to determine how much time will pass before the app locks itself and requires logging in again with the user’s individual PIN. Your options for this timeout setting are as follows:

    • Never (default)
    • 30 Minutes
    • 15 Minutes
    • 10 Minutes
    • 5 Minutes
    • 2 Minutes
  • Receipts & Register
    The POS App allows you to print receipts and manage a register drawer/till directly if these accessories are connected to the iPad device. Your options here are:

    • Customize
      Customize your printed receipts with the following:

      • Header Text
        Add custom text to the receipt’s top area/header
      • Footer Text
        Add custom text to the receipt’s bottom area/footer
      • Address
        Add your store’s address to the receipt by tapping the on switch for this option
        The default information will be taken directly from your 3dcart store but you may change it if needed using the device’s typing interface
    • Always Print Receipt
      Turn this option on if you’d like for the receipt to printed automatically after each sale.
      Turning off the function will require manually choosing to print the reciept as needed.
    • Auto-open Register
      If your iPad device is connected to a register device, this option will automatically open the cash drawer/till upon a completed sale.
  • Shifts
    One of the benefits of the 3dcart POS App is that you can use your iPad device as a portable register – for example, at your retail location. As such, you also have the ability to create different user accounts that will use the iPad device for POS generated orders. As a result of this, the App lets you designate “Shifts” that can be used to track each user’s individual sale history while they’re “on the sales floor.” To enable this, simply turn on the “Enable Shifts” option