Introduction to the POS App


3dcart’s Point of Sales (POS) App allows you to take your 3dcart store with you and process orders on your iPad during conferences, vendor events, using your iPad as a portable register, or any other situation where you need to make a sale in person.

With it, you can synchronize your store’s products to your iPad, accept cash, check or credit card orders, automate tax, apply special discounts on the go, email receipts to your clients, and more!

What you will need

  • A 3dcart Powered Store
    Don’t have one yet? Click here to sign up!
  • An iPad device
    IOS 8 or higher
  • The 3dcart POS app
    Find it in the Apple App Store!
    If you’d like to process credit card orders using the POS and you’re using USA ePay, this will come in handy