How Does Email work

Your email service works much like a post office: it allows you to send, receive, and forward messages. Your mail server is responsible for sorting your email messages and routing them to the correct destination through the Internet.

You can send and receive mail through your email account by using the web interface that came with your hosting account, or you can use a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird. If you choose to use an email client, you will nIeed to configure it so that it knows which SMTP servers to use for sending messages and which POP servers to use for receiving them.

For incoming mail, your server will be if you are not live. If you are live, the server will be

For outgoing mail, your server will also be if you are not live (Or if you are live). If neither of these server names work, your ISP may require you to use their servers for outgoing mail. You can contact your ISP to find out if this is the case.

The Welcome email that you received when you first opened your hosting account contains instructions for accessing your email.

Please click here for a detailed guide on how to setup your emails.