How do the Admin Notifications work?

Admin Notifications

When you log into your New Online Store Manager, as you look to the top right hand side of the screen, you’ll see your username listed.

To the left of the username, you’ll find a notification icon showing you any pending notifications that you might want to be made aware of.

Clicking on the icon will bring up a small window showing you what the notifications are.

If you click on the “Settings” button, you can select which activities you’d like to have notifications shown for.

Then, at the bottom of the notification window, you can click the “Clear Notifications” link to clear them from the store.

Finally, if your store has any pending issues that may interrupt your store’s functionality, these will be shown in the notification window as well.

Clicking on the “Pending Issues” notice will take you to the Online Store Manager’s Error Console which will list things like Payment Issues (missing gateway credentials), shipping issues (missing range settings), or anything else that might be important to know.

The error console will also provide links to sections of the admin where you can correct anything that might be listed.