How do I view Order History in the POS App?

Order History

The Order History section will let you review orders placed on the POS app, re-print or email their respective receipts, or otherwise issue a refund on the order as needed.

To get to your POS app’s Orders history section:

  1. Look to the top left of the screen and tap the menu icon
  2. Next, tap at the option labeled “Order History”

While reviewing an order, you will see information pertinent to the order including:

  • The order total
  • Item(s) Ordered
  • Discounts and tax charges (if any)
  • Payment methods used
  • Etc.

At the bottom of the order you will see two buttons:

  • Print Receipt
    Allows you to re-print or re-send an email of the order’s receipt
  • Issue Refund
    Allows you to issue a full or partial refund on the order.

The print receipt option is somewhat self-explanatory so we won’t describe too much in these articles. In the next section however, we’ll detail the Issue Refund option.