How do I use the Option Template feature?

In a previous article, we discussed adding options to individual products. However, in some cases you may have a wide range of similar items that all share the same basic options.

Rather than editing each item individually to specify its option sets, you can simply create an “Option Template” and assign this to multiple products.

Options Templates

  1. Go to Products =>Product List
  2. Look to
  3. the top right of the page and click on the “More” button, followed by “Options Templates”

  4. Click the “+Add New” button along the top right to add a new template
  5. Name your template set and click “Add”
  1. After the template name is specified, look to the far right of the listing and click on the template’s “Action ->Options” button to begin adding your option sets.

From this point, the adding of option labels and option sets will be identical to options created at the individual product level. For a review of this process, please click here.

Assigning Options Templates

To assign your Options Template to products:

  1. Go to Products =>Product List
  2. Locate and select the desired product by clicking on its respective ID or Name
    (you can also look to the far right of the product and click its “Action ->Edit” button.)
  3. Click on the product’s Options Tab and click on the “Use Template” towards the top right of the page.

This will open up a new window listing all of your available Option Template Sets. From here you can choose either of the following:

  • Copy Options
    Simply copies the options to the product and assigns them individually to the product.
  • Link to Template
    Assigns the options to the product by linking to the options template.