How do I use the (Legacy) 3dcart/Quickbooks Plugin?

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The 3dcart/QuickBooks Plugin acts as a bridging utility between your 3dcart store and your QuickBooks Accounting Software and allows you to easily.

  • Import your 3dcart products into QuickBooks
  • Easily download your inventory into QuickBooks
  • Quickly create Invoices/Sales Recepipts from your Web orders
  • Synchronize Customer Data

The software is composed of 2 parts.

  1. Desktop Application
  2. Server Component

The server component is added by 3dcart’s team upon ordering of the QuickBooks plugin. If you have not yet received confirmation from 3dcart that the server component has been enabled on your site, please contact support to have this done.

System Requirements
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The following system requirements are necessary in order to use the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin.


  • Processor
    Pentium® or better
  • Operating System
    Windows® 2000, XP, 7, or higher
  • RAM
  • Monitor
    minimum 800×600 Resolution display


  • QuickBooks Version
    2003 or higher (PC Only)

First Steps: Configuring QuickBooks Items
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Before you can start using the QuickBooks Plug-in, you will first need to create a few products in your QuickBooks Database to handle Shipping and Discount charges.

Begin by opening QuickBooks and selecting your QuickBooks Company file. Then create the following items:

  • Shipping Cost
    list its type as “Other charges”
  • Order Discount
    list its type as “Discount”
  • Tax Charge
    (Optional) list its type as “Tax”

For help on creating items in QuickBooks refer to your QuickBooks help documentation.

Before proceeding
This documentation assumes that you have your QuickBooks program set up with your company file and accounting information already in place as well as familiarity with the QuickBooks Accounting program.

3dcart support can only assist with the setting up of the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin that we offer. Support is not able to assist with the setting up of your QuickBooks program itself.

For help with configuring and navigating within QuickBooks, please contact Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks.

Part I – Installing the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin
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Download the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin setup application by clicking here.

You will need to have an un-zipping utility to uncompress the file. Most installations of Windows have a zip utility built-in. However if you do not have one, you may download a freeware version of WinZip by clicking here.

Once you have finished downloading the file, unzip it and run setup.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Part II – Configuring the Plugin
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In order to communicate with your 3dcart site, you will need to set up a login/password combination that the QuickBooks plugin will use to connect to your store. To configure this login/password, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and follow these steps.

The following steps will only apply if you have the legacy Quickbooks Plugin enabled.

If you are using the updated plugin, please click here to search for the Quickbooks Web Connector plugin.

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Using the Search bar at the top, search for “Quickbooks”
  3. Once the 3dcart QuickBooks plugin appears click “Settings”
  4. Enter a Username and a Password in the provided fields
  5. Click “Save” at the top right to commit your changes.

Let’s begin:

  1. Open your QuickBooks Company File
  2. Open the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin

After allowing access, QuickBooks will prompt you a few more times for confirmation.

Once the 3dcart/QuickBooks plugin application is open, continue with the following:

  1. Within the application, go to File =>New Store
  2. Enter your store’s secure URL
  3. Enter the Username and Password specified in your Online Store Manager.

The software will attempt to connect and validate the entered data. If the data you entered is correct, the store will be added successfully.

Once the store is configured, continue with the following:

  1. Select the store from the drop down list then click “Settings”
  2. Edit your settings as needed.
  3. Click Save when complete.

Below is a reference of the attributes available for the settings screen:

  1. URL
    This should be your store’s Secure URL.
  2. Username/Password
    This will be the login parameters configured earlier in this article.
  3. Importing Products
    • COGS
      The Cost of Goods Sold account configured in your QuickBooks program
    • Income Account
      The Income account configured in your QuickBooks program
    • Asset Account
      The Assets accout configured in your QuickBooks program
  4. Import As:
    Specify whether you’d like the orders imported as Invoices or Sales Receipts
  5. File Customer info as:
    Specify the customer name format you’d like to use. (Lastname, Firstname or Firstname Lastname.)
  6. Invoice Settings
    • Prefix:
      add a custom prefix to your invoices for QuickBooks to use (Imported orders do not contain your 3dcart invoice prefix; only the number sequence)
    • Suffix:
      add a custom suffix to the end of your invoices for QuickBooks to use.
  7. Shipping Charges Product
    Select the name of your previously created “Shipping Cost” item
  8. Discount Product
    Select the name of your previously created “Order Discount” item
  9. Tax Item
    If your QuickBooks Company file was set to collect tax, that item will appear here.

You may now click “Connect” to connect the application to your 3dcart store.

Part III – Product Importing
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Before you can import your 3dcart Orders into QuickBooks, your products must first be created on the QuickBooks Company File. Therefore, your first import should be a product import.

At the top of the 3dcart/QuickBooks Plugin application, you will see a series of tabs. To import your products from the 3dcart store to your QuickBooks Company file use the following steps.

  1. Click on the third tab which is labeled “3dcart Product Imp/Exp”
  2. Click on Retrieve products from 3dcart
  3. The application will list your store’s products.

With the 3dcart/QuickBooks Plugin application you can also export your products from your QuickBooks Company file to your 3dcart store. However, keep in mind that discount and product options/variants must be configured directly on your 3dcart Online Store Manager afterward.

  1. Next, click on your Import option.

You can either import all items or only items which are currently in stock

Once your product import/export is complete, you may proceed to the next steps of importing your orders.

Part IV – Order Importing
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Once you have matching products in both your 3dcart Store and your QuickBooks Company File, you can begin downloading orders from your 3dcart store to QuickBooks.

  1. Click on the “Order Download” tab at the top
  2. Specify a date range of the orders you’d like to retrieve.

  1. Click on Preview Orders to make sure the date range is applicable to your store.
  2. If you’re satisfied with the date range, click on “Import Orders”

The plugin will then download the orders to your QuickBooks Company file and create invoices as needed.

Part V – Troubleshooting
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As mentioned previously, the 3dcart/QuickBooks Plugin acts as a sort of bridge to help faciliate importing/exporting between the data on your 3dcart Store to the data on your QuickBooks program. As such, it is often necessary to have your products and data on both sides of the bridge to match completely. Here are a few common issues that can happen with your 3dcart/QuickBooks integration and some ways to help alleviate them.

Issue: Order Import generates an “Item error” message.

Cause: The most common cause of this issue occurs when downloading orders before importing your store products to the QuickBooks Software. Since the QuickBooks Company File database does not have a record of the product, an order for that product has no reference.

Solution: Import your products first before Importing orders. It is always a good practice to always import products to your QuickBooks Company File before importing orders.


Issue: “Error 20805: There was an error when storing “[insert item name]” in the inventory name field…”

Cause: This error message is usually caused by special characters being present in the Product ID/SKU on your 3dcart store. QuickBooks sometimes has difficulty with special characters, so they should be avoided on your product IDs.

Solution: Avoid the following in your product ID/SKUs:

  • < – less than symbol
  • > – greater than symbol
  • & – ampersand
  • – apostrophe
  • – quotation
  • : – colon



Issue: Product options with Part Numbers not recognized by QuickBooks.

Cause: When a product on your 3dcart store has an option, and that option has a part number specified for it; on the order the product ID/SKU is labeled with the part number appended to it. In other words, ID 1001 with option part number 5 selected will show up onthe order as 10015. This causes QuickBooks to not recognize the product during import.

Solution: Use 3dcart’s Advanced Options functionality and specify the advanced option code as the part number. This will treat each option as its own sku on the QuickBooks Company File database.

The above are just the most common issues we see often. 3dcart support is always available to help with other issues you might experience.