How do I use the Auto Login Manager?

Admin User Options Panel

If you look towards the top right of your 3dcart Online Store Manager, you’ll see the username that you are currently logged into. Clicking on this user name will bring up a small menu of options in which you will notice a series of links:

  • Live Chat
  • SmarterStats
  • SmarterMail
  • Layout Options
  • Reset Password
  • Software Version Number
  • Log Out

The first three links are for 3dcart supplied services that have their own independent logins separate from your 3dcart Online Store Manager. These links will allow you to automatically log into the specific service if it is available to your account. However, until you set it up, each of these links will take you to your 3dcart Auto Login Manager.

The 3dcart Auto Login Manager is a simple interface we’ve created to let you automatically login to these added features of the 3dcart product. After entering the applicable logins to the Login Manager, clicking on the aforementioned links above will then take you to their respective features.

Here’s a brief explanation of each:

3dcart Mail

3dcart provides you with free email @yourdomain. The first Auto Login field is for your 3dcart email interface. If you are using 3dcart for your email services (provided through SmarterMail), you will simply fill this field area with your 3dcart email [] and your 3dcart email password. The proper mail server will be added for you by default.

3dcart Stats

If you are using the optional 3dcart Stats plugin, the second field will be where you enter your login credentials for that service. (Username, Password, and SiteID)

3dcart LiveChat

LiveChat is a service that will allow you to engage and chat in real-time with your customers and site visitors as they browse about on your site. The last field will be used to enter your login credentials for the optional 3dcart Live Chat plugin’s interface.

Once the relevant credentials are entered, the auto login will will automatically log you into the service when clicking on the links in the Admin User Options panel.