How do I use the 3dcart Support Portal?

3dcart has 24-hour support for our merchants. This includes phone, online chat and email support. This article will describe how to open support tickets if you should need us at anytime.

Register for a Support Account

Special Note
3dcart does not automatically give you a support account once you sign up for services.  This is because the individual and email address used to handle your store’s support may be different from the billing contact and email used to sign up for the 3dcart website. However, for security purposes, it would be beneficial to include your support contact’s name and email address in your 3dcart account so we can ensure the person requesting help is in fact an authorized contact for your business. If you are the primary account holder, please contact 3dcart Support and we’ll be glad to add whoever you’d like as an authorized user. Click here for more details.

To register for a 3dcart Support Portal account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register.

  1. Fill out your name, email, password, phone number, website, and verification text.
  2. Click Register.

  1. You will see a confirmation page and receive an activation email that contains a link which is necessary to fully activate the account.

  1. Once activated, you will receive a final confirmation email that contains your Support Portal account information.

Logging In

  1. Go to
  2. Look towards the left hand corner and enter your login information

Upon logging in, you will be taken to your profile where you have additional options available to your profile.

After creating your Support Portal Profile, you can configure the Auto-Login Manager in your 3dcart Online Store Manager to automatically log you in. Click here for more details.

Submit a Ticket

To submit a support ticket:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Submit a Ticket.
  3. Choose the department you would like your support request to go to.
  4. Click Next.

  1. Type in the domain name relevant to this ticket (necessary for multiple account holders)
  2. Select the topical nature of your ticket’s request
  3. Type message of your request and click submit.


You will also get a confirmation email detailing your Ticket ID and a link to the ticket where you can check its status.

Checking Ticket Status

To check on the status of your ticket and to post additional replies:

  1. Go to and log into your support portal account
  2. Click on “View Tickets” located along the top. (Next to “Submit a ticket”)

You will be presented with a list of your support portal account’s submitted tickets. This will allow you to review the ticket’s history, status and responses from 3dcart to the ticket. You can also use the Support Portal to post additional replies to the ticket when necessary.

To open and view a submitted ticket, simply click on the ticket’s Subject line and it will open up to let you review the ticket’s posted replies and history.

Additional Information: Ticket Statuses

Your 3dcart Tickets will generally have three main statuses assigned to them:

  Ticket has not been replied to yet, or issue is not yet resolved.
  •Waiting for Response
  Ticket has been replied to and is awaiting a reply from you if any.
  Ticket has been resolved by the 3dcart help team.

When the ticket is set to “Waiting for Response” it will remain in this state for 72-hours. If no reply or activity from you is made on the ticket after that time, the ticket will automatically be set to “Closed” status. (Ticket can be re-opened if needed)

Reviewing Tickets

Although each of your ticket replies will also be emailed to you, the advantage to having the tickets submitted and managed from the Support Portal is the fact that the ticket’s complete history will be available in one page. (as opposed to various emails) Therefore, we encourage to use the Support Portal as often as possible.

Support Policies

Please be sure to also become famliarized with 3dcart’s Support Policies before submitting tickets, as there are certain areas and commonly requested subjects which fall outside of the scope of our available support.