How do I use reCAPTCHA on my site?

As an alternative to the default CAPTCHA method used by 3dcart, Merchants can also use Google’s reCAPTCHA service instead of the default 3dcart CAPTCHA verification methods.

The following article will describe how to enable this feature

Enable reCAPTCHA

Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation:

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Look for the “reCAPTCHA” module on the page and click on its + Icon to expand the selection
  3. Mark the checkbox labeled “Use reCAPTCHA”
  4. Select your reCAPTCHA theme
  5. Click “Save Changes”

Any of your store pages which have the Verification method enabled will now use reCAPTCHA.

reCAPTCHA Themes

As mentioned, when enabling reCAPTCHA on your store, you will also be given the option of selecting a theme to be used. There are four themes included in the 3dcart service. Here’s how they will look:

First is the Default Theme which favors a red and sharply contrasting tone for its look and feel.

Next we have White Theme which favors a lighter background and brighter look.

Thirdly, we have the Blackglass Theme which favors a darker, sleeker look to the reCAPTCHA screen.

Lastly is the Clean Theme which offers just a basic, clean look and feel.

Additional information:

Q: Why is it called “reCAPTCHA” anyway?
  A: It’s a play on the word “recapture.”

An interesting (and useful) side effect of reCAPTCHA is the source of the verification words used for the CAPTCHA function. The images of the verification words that are displayed have been collected from book digitizing projects around the world. The pictured verification words consist of two images of words – one is a control word (which the book digitizing projects have identified), while the other is an image of a word that the book digitizing project’s OCR software has had trouble identifying.

When the reCAPTCHA verification is used, the submitted words are sent back to the book digitizing projects where the results are analyzed and used to continue the book digitizing work.

In other words, when a site visitor uses your site’s reCAPTCHA to submit an email or form – not only are they proving they’re not a spambot; they’re also indirectly helping in the digitizing of books and literature so it can be preserved forever! Hence reCAPTCHA’s slogan: “Stop spam, read books.”