How do I use Categories?

You can manage your product offerings a step further through the use of product categories. Categories can be used to group similar items together and give your store a more organic flow. For example, if you are selling electronic consumer items such as audio and video equipment, you can have specific categories that group those items into their own headings – video equipment in one category, audio equipment in another. If necessary, you can also have sub-categories to further refine your product listings.

To Add a Category

  1. Go to Products =>Categories
  2. Click the “+ Add New” button found along the top right of the page
  3. Name your category and click “Save”


When sub-categories are present in a “parent” category, the category listing itself will contain a small arrow indicating that sub-categories are present. Clicking on the arrow will display the sub-categories it contains.

Once the category is created, a link to the category page will be present on your live store. Some themes will display the category tree as a list, while other themes will display the categories as a drop-down menu.

In our next article, we will discuss how to edit and manage the various parameters available in your category options page. To view the article, please click here.