How do I set up my Email Client for Secure Email Configuration?

Secure Email Configuration

3dcart’s email favors secure port configurations in order to retrieve and send mail. This is intended to bring more reliability and security to all messages that are being sent and received on 3dcart Store Email services.

These articles will show you how to properly configure your email client to your 3dcart mail server using the secure port requirements.

Below is a list of the more common email clients used today. Click on each link to see your particular email program’s setup instructions.

  •Microsoft Outlook 2003
  •Microsoft Outlook 2010
  •Mac Mail
  •Android Tablet
  •Microsoft Outlook 2007
  •Microsoft Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016
  •Android Phone


Please note
The above links are provided as a courtesy and because these email clients are more commonly used for business email. As such, we are able to provide more step-by-step instructions and screenshots on the necessary settings with these programs.

If your particular email client is not listed, please refer to the program’s manufacturer for exact support on how to create and configure email accounts.

In order to remain compliant with 3dcart’s Secure Email Configuration, the basic set up will involve setting your incoming and outgoing mail servers to use an encrypted SSL connection, and the ports used for the mail servers will be as follow:

•Incoming POP3 Port: 995 (If using IMAP; Port 993)
•Outgoing SMTP Port: 465

Please understand that 3dcart support may not be able to provide navigation help on email clients not listed above.