How do I set up 3dROI?

3dcart’s “Return on Investment” (ROI) solution allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns by tracking referral information (how your visitors came to your site and what keywords lead them to your site) as well as any possible sales information generated from those visits.

Configuring 3dROI

The 3dROI service is an additional plugin that is free for 3dcart Merchants with a Professional Plus plan or higher. However, it is also available for purchase for smaller businesses. Please click here for purchase details.

When the 3dROI plugin is initially installed for you, your support rep will send you a message with the URL to your ROI Administrator interface, your login and a link to this article. This Article will assist you in completing the setup of your ROI program as well as offer instructions on how to use the program. Once you are notified by 3dcart that 3dROI is installed onto your account, you will need to go to the ROI administration page to complete your setup.

  1. Go to the ROI admin URL
  2. At the login screen, enter your Username and Password

As mentioned, the above login information will be included in your setup confirmation email from 3dcart Support. If you have not received this information, please contact support at 1-800-828-6650

  1. Once logged in, go to Configuration followed by Program Settings

  1. Specify the settings shown below

Additional Information
For the Program URL, be sure to use your store’s secure URL which can be found by going to Settings ->General ->Store Settings in your 3dcart Online Store Manager.

Also, be sure to include the final forward slash after “3droi.” i.e.

  1. After your changes are complete, click on “Submit” to commit the changes.

Adding Code Snippets

Once your 3dROI settings are configured properly, the ROI program will create relevant HTML code to your site. These snippets of coding will need to be applied to specific areas of your site in order for ROI to begin collecting data.

To view your code snippets, go to Configuration followed by HTML Snippets

There is no need to edit the generated code at all since it is essentially created by the settings you configure at the beginning of this tutorial.

Tracking Snippet:

This is the tracking code and should be placed on every single page of your site that requires tracking. Since 3dcart is frame based – with all store pages essentially being contained within a main frame template – the most effective way to ensure this code is present on all pages is to apply it to your site’s global left banner. This way, the tracking code will reside in all of your pages.

  1. Select all (CTRL-A) and copy (CTRL-C) the Tracking Snippet code
  2. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  3. Go to Content->Header & Footer
  4. Scroll to the Global Left Banner field and paste (CTRL-V) the snippet into the field.
  5. Checkmark the “Enabled” check box
  6. Click “Save Changes” at the top right.

Sales Snippet

The Sales snippet is used for tracking conversion rates on your site. As such, it will need to be placed on the portion of your site after the sale is recorded. The most applicable page for this will be the final checkout page – checkout step 4.

  1. Select all (CTRL-A) and copy (CTRL-C) the Sales Snippet code
  2. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  3. Go to Content->Titles & Content
  4. Scroll to “Checkout #4” and click its “Edit” button
  5. Paste (CTRL-V) the Sales Snippet into the Footer field.
  6. Click “Save Changes” at the top right.

Lead Snippet (optional)

The lead snippet can be used to track sales leads on your site. This can be useful in determining if your campaigns have generated more customer registrations or interactions on your store.

The lead snippet can be placed on just about any page you’d like. However, for tracking purposes the most effective pages would be pages that are generated during customer registration – specifically the “Thank you for Registering” page.

  1. Select all (CTRL-A) and copy (CTRL-C) the Sales Snippet code
  2. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  3. Go to Content->Titles & Content
  4. Scroll to “Registration – Thank You” and click its “Edit” button
  5. Paste (CTRL-V) the Sales Snippet into the Footer field.
  6. Click “Save Changes” at the top right.

Campaign Manager

By default, the 3dROI program will track all of your site’s traffic using the default URL (i.e. for its internal reporting. However, in some cases you may have specific campaigns that you want to track individually. For example, you may have a “click-through” ad campaign with an online magazine and you want to know how much traffic it generates. For this type of tracking, you will need to create a specific campaign link that will be used to access your store. 3dROI will then use this specific campaign link to track its progress.

To create a campaign specific link:

  1. Go to Configuration followed by Campaign Manager

  1. Name your campaign by specifying its name in the “Campaign Name” field. This name can be whatever you’d like for it to be. (It’s just for your own reference)
  2. In the “Campaign Link” section, you will see “?lt_c=campaign_name” listed. The campaign_name portion of this URL will need to be changed to something unique in order for 3dROI to track its use.


Individual reports can be viewed by going to Reports at the top left of the 3dROI admin. From this menu, you will have the following reports available to you:

  • Report: by Campaign – A report of individual tracking based on campaigns
  • Report: by Keyword – A listing of keywords used to access your site
  • Report: by Referrer – Use this report to see top referral sites that have lead to your store
  • Report: by IP – A report of individual IP Addresses that have accessed your site.
  • Report: by Country – A report of countries that have accessed your site.

Each of these reports will show you a click count as well as the number of leads per parameter and final sales figures as they apply.

The example below illustrates what a Campaign Report will look like.