How do I link my domain name to the webstore?

There are a couple of ways to link your domain to your 3dcart store. Which method you use depends on when and how your domain was registered.

New Account Sign Up

When you sign up for an account with 3dcart, you are asked for a domain name. We ask for this information so that we can create your store’s specific DNS Zone File.

When specifying your domain during sign up, you are asked whether the domain is already registered (“I own this domain”) or if you would like for us to register it for you (“Register my domain FREE”).

Regardless of which option applies to your sign up, you will be given a shared URL to use with your store. The shared URL will typically be something like This introductory URL will be used by you to log into your admin and begin setting up the store.

The process of actually pointing the domain to your store however still depends on whether or not the domain was registered by you or 3dcart, so let’s go over each scenario.

Scenario 1: Domain Already Registered

If the domain name is already registered by you, then after sign up you will simply need to go to your domain’s registrar (i.e. GoDaddy,, etc) and update your domain’s DNS to the following nameservers:


After updating the domain’s nameservers with your registrar service, you will just need to wait for the update to propagate and your domain will point to your 3dcart store. After propagation, the store will be accessible using BOTH the domain URL as well as your shared * URL mentioned earlier. To change this and have the store favor your domain name completely, follow these steps.

After DNS updates and propagation takes place:

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings ->General ->Store Settings
  3. Once there, look under the “Store URL” field where you will see your * URL
  4. Change this field to your domain name
  5. Click “Save” at the top right to commit your changes.

Your store will now favor the domain name over the shared * URL.

Scenario 2: Domain Registered by 3dcart

If the domain name was registered by 3dcart, then you do not need to make any DNS updates at all. However, you will still need to change the Store URL mentioned in steps 1 through 5 above. This is because – even though we’re registering the domain name for you, it still takes time to propagate and therefore we favor the shared URL initially.

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