How do I integrate my store with Mandrill?

Mandrill is a 3rd party SMTP service powered by MailChimp which allows you to have all of your store’s transactional emails sent through the same dependable email service as your MailChimp account’s newsletters campaigns.

“Transactional emails” refers to all automated email messages coming from your store – whether it’s your store’s order notifications, receipts, inventory updates or even password resets!  Furthermore, since the emails are being delivered through your MailChimp account, you also get to enjoy the same reliable email services available through your MailChimp newsletter campaigns.

Your 3dcart store can be integrated with Mandrill’s API very easily by using the following steps.

Sign up/Activate Mandrill

Mandrill’s service is available for both MailChimp account holders and as a stand-alone service.

Non-MailChimp Accounts

Although it is powered by MailChimp, if you are not currently a MailChimp subscriber, you can still sign up and use the Mandrill service.  To begin this, simply navigate to Mandrill’s home page and sign up for the service.

Once you are signed up and logged into your new Mandrill account:

  1. Click on “Settings” menu
  2. Look at the top portion of the page to get your SMTP Credentials.
  3. Save this information as it will be added to your 3dcart Online Store Manager in later steps.

MailChimp Accounts

Additionally, if you are a current subscriber of MailChimp’s service, you can activate your Mandrill service even easier.

  1. Log into your MailChimp account.
  2. Click on your username and select “Account”
  3. On the next page, click on the “Integrations” tab.
  4. Look for “Mandrill” in the integrations list and click “Sign Up”

Your account is activated instantly.

  1. While on the same page, now click on the link labeled “Mandrill” to expand the selection
  2. Next click the link labeled “Mandrill Set up and Settings” to retrieve your credentials
  3. Save this information as it will be added to your 3dcart Online Store Manager in later steps.

Adding Mandrill Credentials to your 3dcart Store

Now that you’ve created your Mandrill account and received your credentials, you can add these to your 3dcart store to have emails sent via Mandrill.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager.
  2. Using the left hand navigaiton menu, go to Modules
  3. Use the search bar at the top to locate “Mandrill”
  4. Then, click on the “Settings” link for the Mandrill module
  5. Enter the Mandrill host, port, SMTP username and API information (see previous steps)
  6. Click “Save” at the top right to commit your changes.

All of your store’s emails will now be sent through Mandrill service.