How do I install the 3dcart WordPress Plugin?

You can now sell your 3dcart Store items directly from your WordPress site.

To use this feature, please use the following steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress account

  1. From your WordPress Admin Interface, navigate to “Plugins =>Add New” and search for “3dcart.”
  2. When the search result appears, click on “Install Now” for the “3dcart: WordPress Online Store”

  1. Depending on your WordPress Host’s settings, the installation script may require your host FTP information. If prompted, enter this information in the provided fields. (see note)

  1. The installation script will now run. After it is completed, be sure to click on the “Activate Plugin” link to enable it.

  1. After Activating the plugin, you will also be prompted to “register” the plugin to fully enable it.
  2. Now, click and drag the 3dcart Online Store plugin from your “Available Widget” section to the WordPress sidebar.

Configuring the Plugin

When setting up your plugin, you will have the following customization options available to you:

  • Title
    This will be the title of your plugin display.
  • URL
    The URL to your store. Be sure to inlcude the http:// and www. prefixes where applicable
  • No. of Products
    The number of items you’d like to display on the plugin
  • Affiliate ID
    If you’re an affiliate of a particular 3dcart merchant, enter your affiliate ID here to track sales coming from your Blog.
  • Item Selection
    Here you can select the type of items you can display on the plugin. Your options areas follows

    • Home Specials
      Products specifically marked as home specials in your store
    • On Sale
      Products marked as On Sale in your store
    • Category
      Products from a specific category ID (Listed in the next field)
  • Template Style
    Choose the template style that the plugin will user
  • Style
    Choose the coloring style for the plugin

Here’s an example of how the plugin will appear:


The plugin works very similar to an RSS feed like the 3dcart Facebook App and the WidgetBox app. The following are some items you should check before contacting support.

  • If you have the plugin set to display home special items, please make sure that your items are actually specified at the product level (on the 3dcart store) as Home Specials. (The “Random Home Specials” option in the General Store Settings page will not work for this)
  • If your display is for category specific items, please be sure to use the Store’s CATALOG ID that’s used for the category. To get this information go to your category’s options page in the 3dcart Online Store Manager, and look at the URL. You should see something like &catid=xxx where xxx is the category’s ID.
  • Lastly, if products are still not displaying on your plugin, please make sure your store URL is entered correctly.