How do I import images to the Image Gallery?

The 3dcart Image Gallery is a function which allows you to add an unlimited number of additional images for a product; rendered in a sliding carousel along with your other images.

To access the Image Gallery log into your Online Store Manager and (using the left hand navigation) go to Products, then click “Action ->Edit” button located to the far right of the individual product you’d like to add the gallery to. Once there, click on the “Images” tab to access your product’s images.

To add images to your gallery, you have the following options available:

  • Drop Files
    You can click and Drag files from your computer into the image area.
  • Use Already Upload Images
    You can add previously uploaded images to your product by clicking on the link labeled “Use images you already uploaded”
    This will open your store’s File Manager and allow you to select images that have already been uploaded.
  • Use External Web Images
    You can also add images from the web for your products by clicking on the “Use images from the web” link.
    This will give you the following two fields for the external image

    • URL
      The path to the external image on the web
    • Caption
      A label that you’d like to use for the image

You can also perform a batch import of the images through a CSV import. Using the left hand navigation, go to Products and select the “Actions” drop down button located along the top right of the product listings section.

In the Actions menu, select “Export/Import”

Within that page, you should see a portion of the Import section (located on the right half of the page) which is designated for the Image Gallery. Click on the + sign for Image Gallery to access it.

To create your own import file, download the the sample file provided there for you and use it to create a new file.

The Image Gallery Import sample file contains the following fields:

  • imageid
    This is an auto generated field from the system export. It’s not required for the Import but the column must exist on the CSV file.
  • productid
    Item Part Number or ID as the unique idenitifier to add the images to. It could be omitted when using the catalogid.
  • catalogid
    Database ID for the product as the unique identifier to add the images to. It could be omitted when using the productid.
  • image
    path to the image that will be added to the image gallery, i.e. “assets/images/[image_name].jpg”.
  • caption
    text caption for the image, it displays on the top section of the image gallery.
  • sorting
    sort order for the images inside the gallery.