How do I Export/Import My Store’s Order Information?

By going to your Orders =>Manage Orders section and clicking on the “Export/Import” button at the top right, you will see your store’s Order Export options.

Exporting Orders

You can export all your store’s with several provided filters for your needs. Your order export filtering options include:

  • Distributor
    Create an Export of orders based on items from specific distributors
  • Date Range
    Create an Export of orders based on a specific timeframe/date range for the order.
  • Order Status
    Create an Export of orders based on the status queue the order resides in.
  • Include Order Items
    This checkbox is marked by default and will include order items in the export file.

Exporting Checkout Questions

If you are using your store’s Checkout Questions functionality, you can use the Orders Export/Import section to export the submitted answers to those questions. This export can be filtered by Date Range as well.

Additional Information
You can also perform a scheduled export of these two options as needed.

Importing Tracking Numbers

In the Import section of this page, you will have the ability to import tracking numbers for the orders after you’ve generated their shipping labels.