How do I edit my information on the ‘Contact Us’ page?

Your Contact Us page will contain contact information for your store.

Most of the information contained in the Contact Us page can be set/edited in your store’s Merchant Information Section. This section will also control the Store’s Merchant information when seen in the Order Invoices.

Merchant Information

  1. Go to Settings ->General ->Store Settings
  2. Click on the “Store” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Merchant Information” section of the page.

To edit your Contact Us Information, you will need to populate the following fields:

  • Address 1
  • Address 2 – secondary address if/when applicable. (i.e. suite, building number, etc)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Phone

The rest of the fields in the Merchant Information section will be reflected only in your order emails and invoices.

How do I edit my Store Name on the Contact Us page?

The “Store Name” heading in the Contact Us page is set/edited in the same area as described above, but in “Store Information” portion of the page.

The template that is used on this page is called contact_us.html and it can be found your store’s template editor in the 3dcart Online Store Manager:

  1. Go to Settings ->Design ->Themes & Styles
  2. Click on the “More” button at the top right and select “Edit Template (HTML)”
  3. Then, select your common folder from the “Go to Folder” dropdown menu.

As an alternative, you can also access the common files from the web/assets/templates/common folder via FTP.

The following is a list of the available variables which are present on the template and where their respective values are entered in the 3dcart Online Store Manager’s Settings =>General=>Merchant Information page:

  • [store_address1] – Address1
  • [store_address2] – Address2
  • [store_city] – City
  • [store_state] – State
  • [store_zip] – Zip
  • [store_country] – Country
  • [store_phone] – Phone

These next variables are not present on the default template, and may be added as needed.

  • [store_phone2] – Alternate Phone
  • [store_fax] – Fax
  • [store_email] – Email
  • [store_url] – URL

Simply look for the following HTML code in the template and remove it:

<a href=”[store_address1]+[store_city]+[store_state]+[store_zip]” target=”_self”>Get Directions</a>