How do I connect to my store using FTP?

The first thing you will need is your 3dcart Welcome Email which contains the following information:

  • Your Host Name
  • Your Login User Name
  • Your Login Password

If you do not have this email, please submit a support ticket and we will re-send it to you.

To connect to your store via FTP, you will need to download an FTP program. For this article we will be using FileZilla which can be downloaded here. However, many FTP programs are freely available online and similar in set up.


Once you’ve installed FileZilla, use the following steps:

  1. Open up FileZilla and click on the “Site Manager” icon located at the top left hand corner.
  2. Click on New Site to create a new profile to connect to.
  3. Populate the following fields with the appropriate information as shown in your 3dcart Welcome Email
    • Host: Listed as your FTP Server/Host name in the Welcome Email. Usually this will be your domain name.
    • Protocol: Set this to FTP – File Transfer Protocol
    • Encryption: Set this to Require implicit FTP over TLS
    • Logon Type: Set to Normal
    • User: Listed as you FTP Login in the 3dcart Welcome Email
    • Password: See 3dcart Welcome Email under “Ftp Information”
  4. Click OK to save your settings

By using Implicit FTP connection, the FTP software will usually automatically specify the correct port number.  However if you have any trouble connecting, the correct port to use is 990

You should now be able to connect via FTP

If you are unable to connect, please contact our support team so we may help you and go over your settings with you.


When you connect to your site’s FTP server, you will see a series of folders. For most purposes, the folder you will be primarily dealing with will be the Web folder which is where your main files are located.

Inside the web folder, you will see additional folders as well as many. asp files. You will not have access to the ASP files nor any of the admin folders. These folders contain the shopping cart’s source files which we maintain, and for this reason we do not allow access to them.

The folder you will be primarily dealing with will be the “Assets” folder which will contain these sub-folders:

  • brand: Used for resellers who want to brand the Online Store manager files, the brand folder will contain your unique admin files.
  • db: Holds your site’s database files in Microsoft Access format
  • exports: Whenever you export the various CSV exports of your store (Products, Customers, etc) a cached copy will reside here
  • images: Your product images will be here as well as any other files uploaded via your Online Store Manager’s file manager function.
  • order_images: If you have products with image uploads as part of the options, those uploads will be found here.
  • templates: Here you will see the common template folder which contains all the 3dcart HTML templates as well as your chosen theme’s folder.

As mentioned, within the web/assets/templates folder you will see a common folder. This folder contains all of the global HTML templates used on your 3dcart store. We specifically maintain this folder so you do not have access to write to it, but you can copy templates from it and place them onto your individual theme folder. (i.e. web/assets/templates/v30014 if you are using that particular theme)