How Do I Configure My Categories?

Category Options

In the previous Online Store Manager, you could configure your Category options by going to Products ->Categories and clicking on each category’s respective “Options” button.

In the updated interface, the process is a bit more streamlined. Go to Products ->Categories and click on the category’s “Action Wheel” at the far right.

The action wheel will provide you links to the following:

  • Details
    The main configuration page for the category where you can set the category’s name, description, SEO, and other base functions.
  • Product Sorting
    Lets you control the way the products are sorted and displayed on the category as it is viewed from the store front
  • Add Subcategory
    Use this action to add a sub-category to the parent category
  • Clone
    Makes a copy of the category (including options to copy product assignment) to a brand new category.
  • Hide
    Allows you to hide or make the category viewable in the store front.
  • Delete
    Removes the category altogether from the store.