How do I change the footer image at the bottom of my newsletters?

If you are sending your newsletter emails directly from your 3dcart’s Mailing Manager (In the Online Store Manager), you may have noticed that the footer of the newsletter contains both an unsubscribe link as well as a simple graphic labeled “3dcart Email Marketing.”

The newsletter footer will appear similar to the following:

The image on this newsletter footer can be easily customized to meet your store’s branding/look & feel if desired.

To do this, first create your own marketing logo and upload it to your site’s theme folder.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Store’s Online Store Manager
  2. Go to Settings ->Design ->Store Language.
  3. Look for the heading labeled “mailing” where you will find the coding used for the “unsubscribe” section of the newsletter emails.
We’ve highlighted the default image path below for your reference:

<img src=”[store_url]/assets/templates/common-html5/images/email_marketing.png” alt=”Email Powered by 3dcart” border=0 />

  1. Change the default image path to your newly uploaded image and save the page.

Your newsletters will now contain your custom email marketing logo.