How do I add Products to my Store?

There are multiple ways of adding products to your 3dcart Store, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Using the Admin Quick Design Bar
Allows the adding of products while viewing the storefront.
•Great for a quick add of a product.
•Interactive: Helps one see the product as it is developed on the store.
•Great for users who are brand new to 3dcart.
•Not very well suited for large stores
•Can be limiting in regards to fine-tuning products


Manually specifying product information
Adding products directly from the Online Store Manager.
•More hands-on approach.
•Better suited for fine tuning.
•Great for both beginners and users more familiarized with 3dcart.
•Time consuming
•Not suited for large stores with many products


CSV Import
Using a populated .csv text files to import and add products to your store.
•Fastest method available.
•Better suited to large stores
•Excellent for adding, removing or updating product information en masse.
•Slight learning curve involved with CSV
•Can be a bit overwhelming for beginners
•Greater potential for end-user error.

The Following Knowledge Base Articles will give you information available for each of these methods.

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