How Do I Add MasterPass onto My Store?

MasterPass, by MasterCard® is a free digital payment service for you and your customers. Faster checkouts for them, more sales for you!

MasterPass Offers the following advantages:

  • Faster Checkouts
    • Your customers simply click the MasterPass button, and their payment and shipping info is automatically entered.
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts
    • Faster checkouts give you lower abandonment rates.
  • Secure and fraud-protected
    • Multi-tiered MasterPass security ensures that your customers are protected on every transaction. It’s as safe as it is convenient!

If you are interested in enrolling with the MasterPass service, the following article will show you how to integrate it onto your 3dcart store.

Registering Your Store with MasterPass

3dcart’s Integration process for MasterPass includes registration to the MasterPass Service

Log into your your 3dcart Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu:

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Look for the MasterPass icon and click on its +Icon to expand the selection
  3. Then click on “Change Settings”
  4. Fill out the form and save it to submit your registration
  5. After you’ve been approved for the MasterPass service, you can come back to the modules page to activate the module and configure the cards that will be accepted when it is used.

Once activated, your store will display a MasterPass icon on your store’s checkout pages.

MasterPass In Use

As your shoppers come to your store and purchase items, they will be taken to the View Cart page where they will see the MasterPass button.

The shopper will then be taken to the MasterPass login screens where they will log into their digital wallet account.

Once there, they will be able to select the card profile that they’d like to use for the payment, and proceed to checkout…

…which will taken them back to your store’s checkout page complete with their billing and shipping information ported through!