How do I add Converge to my 3dcart Store?

The following steps will help you add the Converge Payment Gateway to your 3dcart store.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings ->Payment
  3. In the “Payment Methods” section, click on “Select Payment Methods”
  4. Next, click on “+Add New” located on the top right of the page
  5. Specify your payment gateway parameters such as Country/State, Min/Max Order amount, and Customer Group that will be applicable to your Converge payment gateway
  6. While here, click on the “Payment Method” drop down menu and select Converge from the drop down list.
    (The list is alphabetized for your convenience)
  7. Once you’re ready, click “+Add”

After the payment method is created, it will be added to the page under the “Additional Gateways” section. You can now click on the “Settings” link for the payment method to enter your account credentials with Converge. (This will be information you receive from the Converge for your account.)

Your available settings are the following:

  • Caption
    This will be the label that will display for this payment method on your store’s checkout pages. The default value is simply “Online Credit Card”
  • User
    Enter the username for your Converge gateway account
  • PIN
    Click on the “Change” link to enter your Converge account’s PIN value
  • Merchant ID
    Enter your Converge account’s Merchant ID
  • Authorize Only (OPTIONAL)
    Use this check box if you would like for transactions to only authorize the card for the order amount at the time of purchase, but not collect the funds until you process the order. Click here for more information.

Additional Information
While configuring your base settings, you will also see a button labeled “Advanced Settings” under the “Merchant ID” field.This button will allow you to further edit and configure the parameters you specified during Step 5 above.

  • Order Amount Ranges (Min. & Max.)
    Configure the range of order amounts that the Converge payment option will be applicable to.
  • Customer Group
    Select the customer group that the payment option will apply to.
    Select “All” for all groups, “None” for your regular retail shoppers, “Phone Orders” for orders by phone, or select a specific customer pricing group from the list.
  • Order Status
    Select whether the order will go into your store’s New or Unpaid order status upon completion.
    (Typically this is set to New)
  • Country/State Exclude List
    Use the Exclude list to exclude the payment method from appearing on orders to specific locations.
    (For example, excluding specific countries.
  • Confirmation and Description Messages
    Enter a message that will display when the payment method is displayed and goes through to completion.

Once you’re done entering your credentials and configuring your settings for the Converge payment gateway, click on the “Save” button at the top right to commit your changes. Your store will now be ready to use the payment gateway for orders.