How do I add a site map to my Google Webmaster Tools?

A sitemap is used to tell search engines about pages on your store that they (the search engines) might not otherwise find through regular site crawling.

3dcart makes it easy to create your own store’s sitemap. Furthermore, if you’re using Google Webmaster Tools along with your 3dcart store, this process is made even easier.

Here’s how:

Assuming you’ve already created your Google Webmaster Tools account, log into it and click your domain name.

This will open up a series of menu options to the left hand side of the Webmaster Tools interface.

You should see a link labeled “Site Configuration” in the menu. This link should have a (+) sign next to it.

  • Click on the (+) to expand the selection
  • Then click on the link labeled “Sitemaps.”

  • Click on “Add a Sitemap” and you should see a screen similar to the following with your domain name and a blank path.
  • Simply enter “sitemap.asp” and submit the field.

That’s it! Google will now access this asp file for your sitemap.