How do I Add a Custom Item to the POS Order?

Add a Custom Item

There may be times when you need to add an additional charge to an order generated by the POS App. Perhaps it’s for an item that is not available on your 3dcart store (and therefore not imported to the app), or maybe it’s a specific add-on or option that incurs an additional charge for the base item. Either way, the POS App’s Custom Item function will let you to apply the extra charge as needed by creating a line item on the order.

  1. With the order in progress, tap the action menu at the top right
  2. Then, tap on “Add a Custom Item”

A small pop up will appear in which you can enter a name, price and qty for the unit charge.

  1. Enter a name for the custom item
  2. Enter the custom item’s price
  3. Use the + or – icons to add or remove quantities of the custom item from the order
  4. Tap “Add Item” to have it appended to the order.

The custom item and its applicable charge(s) will be added to the order. (It will also print on the receipt as a line item)