How do I access my site’s CSS file?

Many simple design changes can be accomplished through the your design theme’s Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file.

3dcart’s Support department cannot and will not assist with CSS design changes or coding of any kind but information and tutorials on CSS are widely available online. Therefore, if you’d like to try your hand at editing your store’s CSS file, here’s how you can access it.

Through the Online Store Manager

Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and use the left hand navigation menu to:

  1. Go to Settings ->Design ->Themes & Styles
  2. Look to the top right of the page and click on the “Edit Look/Colors (CSS)” button.
  3. Then click edit next to which section of the CSS you would like to modify.

If you click on the “Advanced” button, you will be taken to the raw code that will allow you to work on the CSS file in its entirety.

When editing your store’s CSS file in this fashion, the store will automatically go from using default.css to default_modified.css. This is to allow you to revert to the original CSS file if needed.

Through FTP

To access the CSS file through FTP:

  1. Connect to your store’s FTP server.
  2. Navigate to web/assets/templates/[theme folder]*/css.
    *replace “[theme folder]” with your specifically installed theme name.
  3. Download the “default_modified.css”

It is recommended that you always make your changes to the default_modified.css file to prevent overwriting the original CSS file completely