How Can I View and Edit Products?

Product Viewing and Editing

To view and edit your products, you previously would’ve gone to Products ->View/Edit in the left hand navigation menu.

In the new admin, you will do the same, except the menu’s name has been updated to “Product List”

The use of the product list is more or less the same as before. To add a new product, just click on the “+Add New” button at the top right of the Product List.

To edit an existing product, you can click on either the thumbnail image, ID or name of the product to open it up and edit it as needed. You can also look to the far right of the product on the list and use its “Action Wheel” to select edit or clone as needed.

As for actually editing the products, the same functionality as before is still in its usual spots – with tabs at the top for images, options, etc.