How can I set up my store to use Australia Post shipping methods?

For our merchants located in Australia, 3dcart is compatible with real-time shipping calculation provided through Australia Post. This article will detail how to set up your store for Australia Post shipping calculations as well as special considerations that need to be made when using this particular carrier.

Please be aware that the quotes generated via our integration with AustraliaPost are for the “Use your own packaging” rates.Your 3dcart store will have the following Australia Post Shipping Methods available:

  • Australia Post – Express Courier International Document
  • Australia Post – Express Courier International Merchandise
  • Australia Post – Express Parcels
  • Australia Post – International Air Mail
  • Australia Post – International Sea Mail
  • Australia Post – Regular Parcels

Australia Post Restrictions

Please be aware of the following restrictions which Australia Post has in place for sending packages:

Maximum Weight Restrictions

  • Packages may not exceed 20kg in weight

Minimum/Maximum Size Restrictions

  • Minimum
    • Length: 15cm
    • Width: 15cm
    • Girth*: 16cm
  • Maximum
    • Length: 105cm
    • Girth*: 140cm

For rectangular packages, “Girth” is defined as the package’s [height] plus [width], multiplied by two. (H+W*2).

For cylindrical packages, the girth will be the cylinder’s circumference; [diameter], multiplied by pi (3.14)

More information on these restrictions can be found here.

3dcart Product Weights and Dimensions

As mentioned in a previous article, 3dcart’s software uses neither metric or standard measurement units. Instead, the numbers listed in your product weights and dimensions are simply numbers. Ultimately it is up to the real-time shipping carrier to determine what the denomination will be for the order (i.e. U.S. based carriers will calculate “2” as 2lbs whereas European carriers may calculate “2” as 2g, or 2kg). This is something you’ll want to keep in mind when setting up your store for Australia Post.

3dcart’s integration for Australia Post is made possible via a special connection to Australia Post’s “ratecalc.asp” script. When your store is set up with Australia Post, a call is made to this ratecalc.asp script with the order’s point of origin (your store’s or drop shipper’s AU postal code), the order’s destination (the postal code it’s being sent to), the order’s total weight, and the package’s estimated dimensions (when applicable). All of this information is then used to return a shipping rate calculation directly from Australia Post.

It is important to note that – although Australia Post returns most rates based on centimeter measurements and kilogram weights – the ratecalc.asp script which is used for calculation expects these measurements to be sent in millimeter and gram units. Therefore, when configuring your products on the 3dcart Online Store Manager, please be sure to enter your product weight and dimensions in gram/millimeter increments. (i.e. a 1kg item should be listed with 1000 in its weight field)

Adding Australia Post Methods to your Store

Once you’ve configured your products to use metric grams and millimeters for weight and dimensions, the next steps will be to add Australia Post Shipping Methods to your store. To do this, please use the following steps:

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Go to Settings ->Shipping and click on the “Enter Settings” button in the Shipping Settings section
  3. Look for the field labeled “Max Box Weight (Lbs)” and enter your maximum box weight in grams*

*Note* Max Box Weight

This setting will control how many boxes are used for the order when the total weight of the order exceeds the amount entered in the field. In other words, if the order’s weight is within this amount; shipping will be calculated as one box. However, if the order’s weight goes over the number entered here, shipping will be calculated for a second or third box as needed.

Now, even though the field says “(Lbs)” it still follows the same “neither standard nor metric” rule for 3dcart measurements. So your Max Box Weight should reflect grams if you are using Australia Post.

Since we are using Australia Post in this example, the number entered would be 20,000 due to the fact that Australia Post’s limit is 2kg per box. However, your specific needs may require smaller increments as needed.

  1. While on this page, click on the “Real Time Shipping Location” + icon and enter your shipping location’s Postal Code information
  2. Click “Save” at the top right to update your settings

Also, if you are using drop shippers, please review the Drop Shipper article, located here.

Once these step are complete, we will set up the actual Australia Post shipping methods. To continue:

  1. Again, go to Setting ->Shipping, and click on the “Select Methods” button in the Shipping Methods section.
  2. Look for the “Australia Post” methods and click on the “+Add Methods” link for it.
  3. Select the AUPost methods that you’d like to use for your store and click “+Add”

After you add the methods, you may click on their “Settings” and “Advanced Settings” links to set your preferences/restrictions like weight ranges, customer groups, etc.

For example, if you’d like the range to be from 0 to 20kg, you would enter 20,000 in the max field. Again, this is considering that Australia Post’s maximum box weight is 20kg and the amount here is entered as grams. For your purposes, you may want to set smaller incremental limits as needed.

For more complete information on setting up your shipping methods, please see our tutorial located here.

Congratulations! Your store is now set up to use Australia Post’s Real Time Shipping Calculations.