Can I use a second level domain for my store?

Yes you can!

In some cases, you may want to keep your regular domain name separate from your 3dcart store. Rather than having your current domain ( be the actual URL to your store, you may instead want to have your 3dcart store act as a second level – or sub-domain – to your base domain name. (

To do this:

  1. Contact your registrar and request a CNAME record for your domain
  1. When creating the CNAME, make sure it points to the shared URL of your 3dcart website.

The final step will be to change the Store URL in your 3dcart store’s online account manager.

  1. Go to Settings ->General ->Store Settings and look towards the bottom of the Store Information section. Look for the section labeled “Store URL” and specify your new subdomain there.

Afterwards, you can simply link your main domain’s store/shopping links to reference the newly created sub-domain.

How many sub-domains can I have pointed?

A question we get often is in regards to how many sub-domains can be pointed to the 3dcart store at once. Techincally, you can point as many sub-domains as you’d like to your 3dcart store. However, as far as the actual 3dcart store is concerned, only one of the subs will apply to your site. All other sub-domains will merely be redirected.

In other words, let’s say you want to have both and go to the same store. To do this, you would need to select one that will be the main URL and use the above steps (create the CNAME, change the store URL, etc) to accomplish this. Let’s say we’ve chosen store[dot] as the main one. This leaves us with the shop[dot] URL.

For the second sub-domain, you will need to have your registrar create a forward that points to The effect in this case will then be that users going to will be redirected to the real store located at