Can I Show My Product’s Availability on Confirmation Emails?

Some merchants may wish to show the product’s availability on the order confirmation pages and emails.

For example, you may have an item that is on back order, but your shoppers may not have noticed that when they made the purchase.  So several days later, they call or write in to complain that their order is late when in reality it was on back order all this time.  For this reason, some merchants may want to place the availability message on places like the view cart page, the checkout step 4 page, or even in the confirmation emails.

To do this, you will need just one simple dynamic variable:


This variable can be added to certain HTML templates in order to display the product’s availability at the time of purchase.

Here are some places you may wish to consider and where to access those files for editing.

View Cart Page

  • Template: Edit the view_cart.html template in the template editor or your store’s theme folder
  • Placement: Place the variable somewhere* within the <!–START: SHOPPING_CART_ITEM–> & <!–END: SHOPPING_CART_ITEM–> comment tags

Checkout Step 4 (a.k.a. “Thank You for your Order” Page)

  • Template: Edit the checkout-step4.html template in the template editor or your theme folder
  • Placement: Place the variable somewhere* within the <!–START: items–> & <!–END: items–> comment tags.

Confirmation Email

  • Template: Edit the “New Order – Customer” email template in Settings ->Design ->Emails
  • Placement: Place the variable somewhere* within the <!–START: product–> & <!–END: product–> comment tags.

With the variable in the right place, shoppers will be made aware of the availability of the item during the purchase process and hopefully save you some time in answering queries about “late” shipments.[

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The preceding information requires knowledge of HTML editing and is being provided solely as a courtesy. Please understand that 3dcart support is neither qualified nor trained to provide HTML editing support. If you are uncomfortable with editing HTML, we also have design services available which can provide this service for you. Please contact our Sales department for more information. [/tcbd-alert]