Can I set my store to a different language?

3dcart can support any language that uses the Roman/Latin alphabet, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. However, the cart cannot support non-roman/latin alphabets, such as Greek or Chinese.

The modern Latin alphabet consists of 52 letters, including both upper and lower case, plus 10 numerals, punctuation marks and a variety of other symbols such as &, % and @. Many languages add a variety of accents to the basic letters, and a few also use extra letters and ligatures.

If you are looking to change your website to a different language that uses the Roman/Latin alphabet, you can make modifications in the Admin panel to support this.

Change the Store Language

The first section in the Online Store Manager to visit is the Store Language section. The store language section contains all content for the store’s web pages, i.e. Headers, Footers, Instructions, and General Page Content like buttons and such.

  1. Go to Settings ->Design ->Store Language
  2. In each section, replace the English terms with the corresponding language terms to replace the language displayed on the website.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Change the System Generated Emails

The second section in the 3dcart Online Store Manager to visit is the Email template section. The cart will automatically send emails to your customers for various reasons, such as order status change, joining the mailing list, and gift certificate retrieval.

  1. Go to Settings ->Design ->Emails
  2. Next to each Email Template, click Edit
  3. In both the HTML and Text sections, replace the English wording with corresponding language wording
  4. Click Save Changes.

Change the System Messages

The final section you will want to visit is the System Messages section. This section contains all system generated error messages that displays to your customers on the website.

  1. Go to Settings ->Design ->System Messages
  2. In each Name and Message field, replace the English text with the corresponding language text.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Supported Languages

Here is a list of languages that can be written using the Roman/Latin Alphabet (reference:


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