Can I Manage Shifts with the POS App?

Shift Management

One of the benefits of the 3dcart POS App is that you can use your iPad device as a portable register – for example, at your retail location. As such, you also have the ability to create different user accounts that will use the iPad device for POS generated orders. As a result of this, the App lets you designate “Shifts” that can be used to track each user’s individual sale history while they’re “on the sales floor.” To enable this, simply turn on the “Enable Shifts” option in the “General Settings” area of the POS app.

You will need to log out of the app and re-login in order to see the “Shifts” menu described below.

Whether you’re logged into the POS app as yourself, or if you have set up individual users for POS, you can start and end your shifts by following these steps:

Opening a Shift

  1. Look to the top left of the POS App and tap on the menu icon
  2. Then, tap on the “Shifts” option

  1. Next, tap on the + Icon located along the top left of the screen

  1. Enter the total cash in your register at the start of the shift
  2. You can also enter a description for the shift (optional)
  3. Then tap “Open” to start the shift.

Now, you (or your user) can place and process orders via the POS app as needed. You may also leave the shift open, while you log out of the POS app and your user logs in (to his/her user account) to continue processing POS app orders.

Closing a Shift

  1. Look to the top left of the POS App and tap on the menu icon
  2. Then, tap on the “Shifts” option

The Shift Details screen will display all orders placed within the shift period as well as your totals for that shift.

Also, tapping on the user icon for each order will display that order’s receipt for reference

If you need to make an adjustment to the Shift’s sales, tap the “Adjustment” button. This will let you enter a negative or positive amount to settle your register’s cash amount as needed.

To close the Shift

  1. Tap the “Close Shift” button
  2. Review the Cash Register amount
  3. Tap close