Can I make a “File Upload” option for my Products?

Some of your products may have multiple options. For instance, if you sell clothes in your online store, a sweater may come in small, medium, and large.

Alternatively, you may have a product that requires a customer to upload a file to customize the product. For example, you sell T-shirts and customers can upload a picture so it can be printed on the shirt. This article will show you how to setup options that allow customers to upload a file with their order.

Create File Upload Product Options

To create the file upload product option, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to Products ->Product List

  2. Locate the item that you’d like to edit and click on its Thumbnail, ID or Name
    Note: You can also look to the far right of the item and click on its “Action ->Edit” button

You will see the individual product’s configuration pages. Along the top of the section you’ll see a series of tabs.

  1. Click on the “Options Tab” for the item
  2. Click on the “+Add New” button located at the top right of the page
  3. Type Logo as the Option Name (or Photo, Logo Upload, etc – this can be whatever you’d like)
  4. Type in the Sorting number
  1. Check the Req. checkbox if you would like this option required to be a mandatory selection.

  2. Choose “File” in the Type field, then click on the Add button to proceed

By following the steps above, you’ve created a “Logo (File)” option heading on the product (or whatever you named the option). Your next step will be to create the actual option that your shoppers will use to upload a file.

  1. Look to the far right of the “Logo (File)” option you just created and click on the “+Add Logo” link
  2. For description, type in “Upload a Logo”
  3. Click Add.

Now, you’ve added the actual option field that will be seen on the product to upload a file. We still have a few additional settings to review though.

  1. Type in a value to add from the price of the product in the Value field. For example, if uploading an image is $2.00 more than the standard product, type in 2.00.
  2. Type in a number in the Part # field if this option has a unique part number.
  3. Click Save to confirm your chages

The product will now contain a “Browse” option on its listing that will allow the shopper to upload a file to you. Furthermore, when an order is placed, a link to the file will appear in the order in your 3dcart Online Store Manager.