Can I change the Checkout by Amazon button?

If you are using the Checkout by Amazon payment method, your cart will display a button on your view cart page (as well as your checkout pages) directing your shoppers to the CBA payment screens.

The graphic used for this button is supplied directly from Amazon, and can be changed in a few different ways to better match your site’s overall design and theme.

To control your Checkout by Amazon button, please follow these steps

From your 3dcart Online Store Manger, use the left hand navigation menu and:

  1. Go to Settings ->Payment
  2. Click on the “Select Payment” button located within the “Payment Methods” area
  3. Look for your Checkout by Amazon payment method and click on its “Amazon Settings” button.

The button configuration section will be located directly beneath your “Automatic Scripts” options, and will be labeled “Checkout Button Layout Settings”

This area will be useful for merchants who may need to make the CBA button more compatible for their specific site’s design look and feel. These settings will allow you to modify the Checkout By Amazon button using three different parameters:

  • Color
    The trademarked color of the actual CBA button
  • Size
    How large the button will display
  • Background
    Whether the background’s transparency is optimized for a white, light or dark colored site.

See below for more information and examples of the settings.

Button Color

First, we have the Color setting.

Amazon provides two options for this button. The standard orange button and a sleeker looking tan colored button

Button Size

Your second configurable option is the size of the button.
Amazon provides three options for this parameter: medium, the standard large button and a larger x-large button.

Button Background

Your third and final option is the background of the button. Some sites which may not necessarily have an all white background will find this option most useful. Amazon provides three choices for this setting as well:

  • White
    This is the default settings and is intended for sites with white backgrounds
  • Light
    This setting is similar to the above, but is optimized with a transparency in order to accomodate sites which have a light colored background
  • Dark
    Finally, this setting is tailored for sites that are using a darker colored background.

Once you’ve selected your button display settings, don’t forget to click “Save” at the top of the page, to make the changes live!