Adding Products: What’s in the product’s Stats Tab?

3dcart automatically compiles statistical information about each product sold in your store. This can be useful in determining if a specific product sells better during a particular season, so you can determine when and how often to keep it in stock.

Product Statistics

To view product statistics

  1. Go to Products and search for the product that you’d like to review.
  2. Click on the item’s name (or you can look to the far right and click on the item’s “Action ->Edit” button
  3. Next, click on the Stats tab.

Below is a list of the information contained in the product’s Statistics Page.

  • Product Rank:
    The first ranking number is the ranking score based on the total number of items historically sold in the store. The second ranking number is the ranking score based on the total amount (value) historically sold in the store.
  • First/Last Sale:
    The first and last dates the product was sold.
  • Average Cost:
    The average cost of the product (internal/your cost).
  • Total Sold:
    Total amount (Value) sold of the product – total number of the product sold. The second line is the percentage of the total store sales (Value) the product makes up in your store
  • Average Price:
    The average price the product is sold for.
  • Average Qty.:
    Average number of the product each customer purchases per order.